Madeline Connelly, Lost Hiker, Found Outside Glacier National Park

A woman missing for six nights with only overalls, a sweater and her dog in the remote wilderness near Glacier Park was found alive Wednesday.

Madeline Connelly, 23, was reunited with her family after surviving close to a week without food and drinking only from streams in the Great Bear Wilderness.

The woman, originally from the Chicago area, was reported missing last week after she left for a hike outside of Essex with her dog. She was in Montana visiting family and is reportedly an experienced hiker.

Connelly reunited with her family.

Connelly said she only had a sweater and overalls with her but was able to survive by drinking from creeks and finding shelter under trees.

“Under trees sleeping, and then I was hiking about ten miles a day,” she said. “I had my dog with me. We rested for about two days because I just couldn’t move one day. It kind of snowed.”

She said, “The first night I realized I was not in the right place, but I thought if I kept going I would be on the same loop of a trail and I would just get out. Then I ended up on a lake and I was like, ‘This is not right.'” [News Story]

She was right: it was not right! When she was found, she asked if she could hike out with the rescue team. They said no and airlifted her out. Besides being hungry and tired, she had no injuries.

Nice when something like this turns out to just be a cool adventure!


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