Body Found in Zion National Park: Updated June 5: Ruled a Suicide

Not much information is available, but here’s what is public knowledge:

An abandoned vehicle was reported to park enforcement around 3 p.m. on Wednesday. The vehicle was parked near the Canyon Overlook Trail, which prompted park rangers to search the area.

During the search later in the evening, a body was discovered at the base of the Great Arch. The body was recovered by park staff on Thursday with the help of a helicopter.

The Great Arch in Zion National Park

The National Park Service and Washington County Sheriff’s Office are investigating the incident. Identification and cause of death is under investigation.
[Local News Story]

UPDATE from June 5:

The body found in Zion National Park on Tuesday, May 31, 2017, was that of a 23 year old male from San Diego, California. The cause of death was blunt force trauma from a fall of approximately 500 feet, ruled suicide.
[NPS Report]


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