Several Rescues in the Grand Canyon

Jacob Tipton of Flagstaff was hiking through rough terrain Monday while looking for new climbing routes when he fell.

Coconino County Deputy Sheriff Trevor Wallace said the site has steep cliffs and jagged rocks.

Tipton was alone at the time of the fall and his wife was back at their vehicle. She went out looking for him after he didn’t return and found him the next morning.

She rappelled down to where he was and then went back up to call for help, sheriff’s spokesman Jon Paxton said.

The fall occurred near Twentynine Mile Canyon on the northeastern edge of Grand Canyon National Park.

. . . . .

Another rescue crew saved a 15-year-old girl who was riding her bike Wednesday when she crashed over the edge of the Mogollon Rim and fell about 25 feet before landing on a ledge. She was treated and sent to Payson Hospital for a laceration to her head and other possible injuries.

Officials got the call as they were rescuing a lost woman hiking alone outside Sedona.

Later that day, they helped a man who collapsed multiple times while he was hiking with his wife at Veit Springs near Arizona Snowbowl.
[News Story]

The girl on the bike going over the edge seems absolutely terrifying. Wow.


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