Death at Golden Gate

On June 22, 2017 approximately 6:20 pm, the United States Park Police to include the National Park Service Ocean Rescue and San Francisco Fire Department responded to a person who fell from a cliff near the Lands End Painted Rock area.

United States Park Police Officers upon arrival began searching the Painted Rock cliff area and located an individual lying on a rock that was approximately six feet from the water’s edge. Officers tried to communicate with the individual however the body was not moving and unresponsive.

National Park Service Ocean Rescue responded on a rescue water craft and located the individual. The injured person had extensive trauma to her head and body. Lifesaving efforts began as the individual was taken to China Beach at which time she was transferred over to a San Francisco Fire Department Medical Unit. The individual had succumbed to her injuries and was pronounced dead by the San Francisco Fire Department.

Preliminary investigation into this matter by the United States Park Police Criminal Investigations Unit reveals the juvenile decedent and two other juveniles had parked a vehicle along El Camino Del Mar. All three juveniles walked down to a fence that has a sign indicating “Danger Area Closed.” All three juveniles disregarded this sign and made their way through this fence and walked to the Painted Rock cliffs edge. United States Park Police Detectives confirmed with two of the juveniles that they knew the area was closed to the public but did so anyway. At some point, one of the juveniles fell approximately 150 to 200 feet and landed on a large rock.
[NPS Story]


One problem with signs is that there are so many of them warning about things that actually aren’t a problem, that when there is a sign for a true problem, you don’t take it seriously.


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