71-Year Old Woman and Her Dog Rescued in Olympic NP

A 71-year-old Port Angeles woman and her dog were found thirsty and hungry, but alive and well, after being stranded for nearly a week in Olympic National Park.

The Peninsula Daily News reports that Sajean Geer and her dog named Yoda were rescued at about 7:15 p.m. Sunday by a Coast Guard helicopter.

Geer and her terrier-Chihuahua dog had been stranded for six days.

They were found about 10 miles south of Port Angeles Sunday by rangers with the U.S. National Park Service who had been searching for her for nearly a week.

Her brother had reported her missing on Tuesday.

Park spokeswoman Penny Wagner says Geer told rescuers she had been in the park since July 17 and survived by drinking water she found nearby.
[Local News Story]

I gotta say: that’s impressive! Not only keeping yourself alive, but a dog for a week in the wilderness. And being 71! Nice job to her and the rescuers.


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