Missing Hiker, Sarah Beadle, Missing in Grand Canyon

The National Park Service is conducting a missing person’s search within Grand Canyon National Park.

Sarah Beadle, 38 of Fort Worth, TX had reservations to stay at the Bright Angel Campground on Tuesday, August 1 but did not arrive. She was hiking down the South Kaibab Trail and her backpack was found near the junction of the South Kaibab Trail and the River Trail. Beadle was hiking with two children ages 10 and 11 who are safe and accounted for.

Beadle is described as Caucasian female, 5’4″, 130 lbs, with brown hair and blue eyes. She is thought to be wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Beadle is an experienced backpacker and hiker; she last hiked at Grand Canyon in 2002.
[NPS Story]

Wow, there are a lot of questions I have about this one. Sure hope they find her.


Well, bummer. A new story says she has been found dead.

According to her husband Scott, Dr. [Sarah] Beadle was hiking in the Grand Canyon with two children, ages 10 and 11, when one of the children began feeling dizzy from heat exhaustion after running out of water. Dr. Beadle’s husband says she left the children in a safe location while she went ahead to get water and help.

“Somewhere along the trail, she made a wrong turn and got lost,” Scott says. “The Park Rangers suspect she died of heat exhaustion.Ā Another hiker found [the children], gave them some water and escorted them to the camp. Search and rescue was notified and I was contacted first thing this (Wednesday) morning.”
[Local News Story]


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